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The Church formed in 1835 and has been a movement for wholeness ever since



Faith Formation

The Church is a community grounded in the compassion and ways of Christ. Through intentional relationship, learning, and service, we discover the Grace that leads us to become who we have been created to be. 



 God's vision and dream is one of Justice and Peace. There is encouragement for individuals and groups to discern where Christ is calling them and to step in to actions, work, and movements that lead to restorative Justice and wholeness. 



Relationships shape us. Together in community, sisters and brothers care for us and allow us to care for them; sisters and brothers engage in conversations that reveal sacred truths and grace; sisters and brothers play and rejoice, sing and give, laugh and grieve, and find the blessing of abundant life. 

Scripture, Experience, Tradition, Reason and More enter into the sacred conversation to better understand God, ourselves, the world, and the connection between us all. 


At Hiram Christian Church, we take a holistic approach to faith formation. 

We host Sunday school for children and adults on Sunday mornings prior to worship. We honor life experiences and the wisdom and grace of traditions. We honor reason, logic, and science and see them as essential to the sacred conversation on meaning and what it means to be human. And, we hold a humility in conviction that we may listen to one another and our neighbors, and receive of new experiences and new wisdom that always breaks into our lives. 


Advent creations

Advent creations

Sunday school    

Sunday school 



Love and Justice go hand and hand, and lead us on.


Our world has no shortage of injustice nor people who care deeply and long for justice. However, there is a shortage of people who live, move, and work for Justice from the place of Love. Here we seek to hold within our being the conviction that Justice brings grace and mercy to the victim and the oppressor. Here we seek to receive the faithful imagination of Christ who can envision a way beyond punitive justice into restorative Justice. Here we understand that Justice is inevitably tied to Healing. 

At Hiram Christian Church, we encourage one another to join in Christ's ministry of healing, mending, and reconciling the world - in and through the way of Love. 


Faith is a journey best lived with sisters and brothers. 


Genuine relationships shape us, nurture us, and reveal beauty to us. We gather as neighbors; we gather as friends; we gather as sisters and brothers. We befriend one another and find blessing in the graces of sacred relationship. To be yourself and discover that you are welcome and Loved - this is how we grow into learning and trusting that we are beloved children of God called to be a blessing to the world. 

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Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10AM over Summer


We're located in Hiram, Ohio at the corner of Rt. 82 and Rt. 700

The "Adult Elective" Sunday school class will return in the Fall. 

The Children's Sunday school class for 3-5th grades will return in the Fall. 

If you're joining us for the worship service, plan on arriving a few minutes early to make your way to a seat and greet members of the community. Also, if you'd like, make plans to stay after worship to talk with others and build relationships. 

If you're looking to come speak with the minister or secretary, park next to the brick ranch building, which houses the staff offices as well as Little Village Early Learning Center. The entrance to the staff offices is the front door on the left. 

If you have questions about the worship service or would like to set up a time to meet with the staff, please call the church office at 330.569.7697

Whoever you are,  Wherever you are on Life's most Holy Journey,  You are welcome,  You belong,  Here.

Whoever you are,

Wherever you are on Life's most Holy Journey,

You are welcome,

You belong,